First Five Saturday Devotion Requirements

  1. Go to Confession

  2. Receive Holy Communion

  3. Pray Five decades of the Rosary

  4. Keep Mary Company by meditating for Fifteen minutes on the Rosary Mysteries

These instructions should be carried out with the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…..for the 5 insults by which mankind offends her. Our Lord revealed to Lucia on the night of 29th/30th May 1930 in the Convent Chapel, the reasons for the 5 first Saturdays. He said...

Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • INSULT 1 - THE Blasphemies against the immaculate conception. Mary was born without original sin)
  • INSULT 2 - The blasphemies against her virginity
  • INSULT 3 - The blasphemies against the divine maternity, refusing at the same time to accept her AS THE mother of ALL MANKIND
  • INSULT 4 - Those who try publicly to implant in the children’s hearts indifference, contempt and even hate against our immaculate mother
  • INSULT 5 - Those who insult her directly in her sacred images


By her request for 5 consecutive monthly CONFESSIONS, our lady confirmed THE POWER delegated to the priest by God to forgive SIN …to believe and accept that those words of absolution spoken by the priest at the conclusion of our confession are from God himself produces both a mental and physical release from the weight and guilt of sin which no solitary contrite confession could ever equal.


Our Mother Mary wants us to go to confession so THAT WE are in the state of GRACE, when we are participating in the transubstantiation of the bread and wine, THE OFFERING of the holy Eucharist to God, and THE RECEPTION of the body and blood of Christ into our own cleansed bodies…. This state should cause us to THINK, speak, AND act more like CHRIST AS he is now physically as well as spiritually in our bodies. This is the best time to talk to Jesus about our own lives and the spiritual well being of our neighbour.

THIS MIRACLE brought down to earth……..To help our minds accept the mystery of the consecration of the bread and WINE, we may wish to call to mind the great Eucharistic miracles such as that which occurred at Lanciano in the 8th century where the bread and wine became flesh and blood during the consecration of the mass… the flesh and blood are still miraculously PRESERVED THERE to this very day for all to SEE. Both The united nations and the world health organization’s scientists have confirmed that the flesh and blood respond to tests as would living flesh…..the scientists confirm that THIS IS inexplicable in the scientific world ……there have been many such miraculous events recorded over the centuries concerning the Eucharist … (we are preparing a separate leaflet on these miraculous confirmations of our belief in the mystery of the Eucharist…. you can, if you WISH, FIND those Eucharistic miracles which are approved by THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ON the internet under “Eucharistic miracles”)


Read About The Rosary


After reciting the ROSARY, MARY INVITES us to come into her company for a further 15 minutes during which she would like us to share with her THE JOYFUL, sorrowful and the glorious events in her own life and the LIFE OF her SON JESUS AS depicted in the ROSARY. Our meditation on these EVENTS IN her company must mean a lot to her , for her to ask us to spend this precious and holy time with her … It is obviously very pleasing to her when we do so. As we contemplate these events (mysteries) we can in some cases relate them to our own lives or the lives of others and ask Mary`s help if necessary.


The five first Saturdays devotion enhances the flow of grace to the world causing many souls to be saved from the fires of hell, many sinners to be converted to love and respect God`s laws, many WARS, famines and persecutions of the church to be prevented …..the five first Saturdays devotion is a very powerful weapon against evil ……but only if we use it as instructed…practice it as often as you can in the certain knowledge that each and every time you do so you are making a major contribution to the eradication of both the spiritual and material problems of our world

What Can The Rosary Do For Us?

  1. We Can Stop and even prevent wars, famine and persecution of the church
  2. We can save the sinners from the flames of hell and delivery them safely to God in Heaven
  3. We can repair the damage to our relationship with God which has been caused by past sins

An Example of The Power of The Rosary

During the early 1950`s some 20% of the Austrian population joined a rosary crusade imploring our lady to cause the Russian Communist army of occupation to leave their country….against the expectation of most of the world the Russians ceased their occupation in 1955. They continued their occupation of all the other countries they had held since the end of the war and even extended their power over an increasing number of other countries.

One year later the Hungarian people rose up in armed revolt against the Russian occupying army… their violent revolution was brutally crushed by the Russian troops …we can only accredit the Austrian success to their rosary campaign.

Coming Soon...

Our Interactive guide to using the Rosary will soon be available on the website, showing you visually how to use the rosary.

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