Thoughts About Fatima

thoughts about fatima

One could normally dismiss the “stories” of children as figments of their vivid imaginations…(mind you, some grownups could out-do them in this respect)….In the case of these three children they certainly put their proverbial “necks on the line” when after the July apparition they informed the crowds that they had asked for a miraculous sign and that it would be granted for all to see at noon on 13th October 1917….Had there been no “10 minute miracle of the sun” then elements in the 70,000 plus crowd would certainly have turned very nasty and you can well imagine what might have happened to the children and their families.

If we humans were LOGICAL in our thought process , this tremendous miraculous event would STOP us in our tracks … we would investigate what message was delivered here and how it could help us to live HAPPIER lives….But alas we are EMOTIONAL beings and are too busy with the day to day grind to see much beyond that …But what could be more worthy of our time than a message from “another world” ,…its authenticity guaranteed by an event capable only of being generated from “another world” ….especially as that message points out to us why we are experiencing so many wars and famines and gives us the recipe for a life of PEACE ON EARTH .Apart from any religious connotations, if the author of this message from another world is correct ,then surely it is pure stupidity for us to ignore this recipe for our happiness. It is reasonable to assume that the Force which performed this extraordinary supernatural miracle of the sun could instantaneously destroy us if it so pleased …. but instead it chooses to help us by warning us of our self destruction…it is obviously a benevolent power …and as the “Lady of light” told the children that She came from Heaven …we must attribute this marvellous miracle and therefore the message She brought with it, to our God in Heaven . Ignoring it to date brought us the Second World War and the other wars since (including the spreading communist wars) …

Isn’t it, therefore, time our leaders took their cues from this message of Fatima instead of the latest opinion poll? …Opinion polls tell the politicians what the people want to hear….Fatima tells the politicians the direction in which the people need to be lead for their own good both here on earth and after death….but which of our leaders has the initial courage to act on this supernatural advice …? There must be one ….then others will follow….

Only your prayers and mine will move the hearts of our leaders …for nothing else can or will!!! So get in touch with Heaven …you have a DIRECT line …regardless of who you are…you get straight through to God …He is waiting on your call.!!! Ask him to grant us the leaders who will take us towards the Fatima vision of peace on earth and the everlasting joy of Heaven…for if we don’t ask we certainly will not get!!!

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