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witness of the sun

Newspaper reporters present confirmed the miracle, …people`s clothes and muddy ground dried instantaneously, miracle was seen by people many miles away.

Miracle predicted clearly three months in advance

Besides the 70,000 witnesses in the assembled gathering, the solar miracle was witnessed by others at distances of up to 30 miles away. These rules out any suggestion of “collective hallucination” at the site.

  • Since the phenomenon was not registered by any astronomical observatory, it could not have been of natural origin….it therefore had to be a miracle!
  • As the sun descended towards the crowd the air became warmer. This had the effect of drying the people`s clothes and also the waterlogged muddy ground. Both clothes and ground became completely dry almost instantaneously.
  • In addition to this, we have contemporary newspaper reports, and statements from non-believers who had come to mock, including government officials, and professionals such as Dr Almeida Garrett.

Here now is an account of the miracle of the sun as written by Dr Jose Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University

“It must have been nearly two o’clock by the legal time and about midday by the sun. The sun, a few moments before, had broken through the thick layers of clouds which hid it and shone clearly and intensely. I ... saw it as a disc with a clean-cut rim, luminous and shining, but which did not hurt the eyes.” He then went on to describe how it did not resemble the moon, and could not have been confused with the sun as seen through fog, and that he was amazed to find he could look at it directly without any pain to his eyes despite the fact that … ”it gave out light and heat and appeared clear cut with a well defined rim ….”

“The sun's disc did not remain immobile. This was not the sparkling of a heavenly body for it spun round on itself in a mad whirl. Then, suddenly, one heard a clamor, a cry of anguish breaking from all the people. The sun, whirling wildly, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible. During the solar phenomenon, there were changes of colour in the atmosphere. ... I saw everything an amethyst colour. Objects around me, the sky and the atmosphere, were of the same colour. ... I turned away and shut my eyes, keeping my hands before them to intercept the light. With my back still turned, I opened my eyes and saw that the landscape was the same purple colour as before. ... All the phenomena which I have described were observed by me in a calm and serene state of mind and without any emotional disturbance.”

DR. Garratt’s full account can be found in most books on the subject.

The pro-Atheistic government paper O Seculo and also O DIA both confirmed the miraculous movements of the sun etc... Here is what the very skeptical anti religious journalist of O Seculo`s reported on the miracle.

“One could see the immense multitude turn towards the sun, which appeared free from clouds and at its zenith. It looked like a plaque of dull silver and it was possible to look at it without the least discomfort. Before the astonished eyes of the crowd, whose aspect was Biblical as they stood bareheaded, eagerly searching the sky, the sun trembled, made sudden incredible movements outside all cosmic laws - the sun ‘danced’ according to the typical expression of the people..."

The report in O DIA was similar

“The silver sun enveloped in a gauzy grey light was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds…the light turned a beautiful blue as if it had come through the stained glass windows of a cathedral…as the blue faded the light seemed to pass through yellow glass. Yellow stains fell on the white handkerchiefs and the dark skirts of the women. They were repeated on the trees, stones and the ground .People wept and prayed in the presence of a miracle they had awaited. The seconds seemed like hours…”

There are many personal accounts of that day recorded and all confirm the same basic description of the sun`s movements over a period of approximately 10 minutes.

We suggest that the best books on this section are …”Meet the witnesses” … and….”Fatima from the beginning”

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