The Rosary

The Rosary was given to Saint Dominic during an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The rosary is an extreme

Both the “Our Father” and the first part of the “Hail Mary” are taken directly from The Bible. the Hail Mary is a repetition of the words spoken by the Angel to Mary when She conceived Jesus and then by Elizabeth on greeting Mary during her early pregnancy. it must give Mary tremendous joy to hear again these words which brought such joy to her here on Earth… Remember that She is imploring us to say these words which give her so much joy, OVER AND over again. IN THE SECOND PART OF THE “HAIL MARY” we simply ask for her help.

Our Joint "Spiritual" Account

Whilst we inhabit this earth we are all likely to suffer God`s punishment for the sins of others… it hardly seems fair to those who pray…so it may help to look upon the value of our prayers in the following way.

The human family have a joint “spiritual” bank account with God …some members of the family by their sins, automatically re-move a lot of credits from the account against the instructions of God… putting our spiritual acccount into “the red” …. Whilst other members of the human family, through their prayers and good living automatically input into the credit side of the account ….. If enough people were to pray the rosary daily the balance of the account would go positive …. This “credit” balance of grace would be very pleasing to God as reparation for past sins and would have the effect of further conversions of sinners … increas-ingly this grace would remove the need for God to “punish the world by war, famine, and persecution of the church in this life ….whilst in the next life fewer souls would be in danger of hell.

Most people do not have this understanding of the monumental value of the rosary as both a defensive shield against temptation to evil and an offensive weapon against the faith eroding effects of past sin…they can be excused because they do not know what you now know !!!….thus they can`t, in their ignorance, help themselves!!!! God needs you to help them …our lady has chosen you to save them…don’t let her and them down!!!! Pray your rosary daily, with the certain knowledge that every our father and every hail mary you pray is edging all our human family nearer to the joy of heaven and further from the dangerous fires of hell.


It may be helpful when praying the rosary to have before you a picture card of the different scenes of Christ`s life to correspond with the relevant decade of the rosary…this may be an aid to your concentration…but even though your mind may wonder away from your “audience” with Mary and Jesus, don’t worry, just keep trying to visualise mary there before you …..your blessed Mother Mary is pleased that you are trying ………just ask her to help your concentration!!! And if you wonder why you have to repeat these same words over and over just say to Mary ….”i say these words over and over because you ask me to …as they are obviously very pleasing to you …and that is all i need to know, mother”

What Can The Rosary Do For Us?

  1. We Can Stop and even prevent wars, famine and persecution of the church
  2. We can save the sinners from the flames of hell and delivery them safely to God in Heaven
  3. We can repair the damage to our relationship with God which has been caused by past sins

Five First Saturday Devotion Requirements

These instructions should be carried out with the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…..for the 5 insults by which mankind offends her. Our Lord revealed to Lucia on the night of 29th/30th May 1930 in the Convent Chapel, the reasons for the 5 first Saturdays.

first five saturday devotion requirements

An Example of The Power of The Rosary

During the early 1950`s some 20% of the Austrian population joined a rosary crusade imploring our lady to cause the Russian Communist army of occupation to leave their country….against the expectation of most of the world the Russians ceased their occupation in 1955. They continued their occupation of all the other countries they had held since the end of the war and even extended their power over an increasing number of other countries.

One year later the Hungarian people rose up in armed revolt against the Russian occupying army… their violent revolution was brutally crushed by the Russian troops …we can only accredit the Austrian success to their rosary campaign.

Coming Soon...

Our Interactive guide to using the Rosary will soon be available on the website, showing you visually how to use the rosary.

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